Whats New in 4.0?

Many of these enhancements were based on client feedback. We welcome your feedback in order to make our new website easier to use and more powerful.

  1. Added message redispatching.
  2. Added the "following last event" link to the service editor. This link copies the location information from the previous service event. This newly works added for flower / florist information.
  3. Fixed some issues with the calendar in Internet Explorer and the time picker now defaults to "AM".
  4. Changed how a service's archive date is calculated: later of two days after last event or whatever was entered.
  5. The service list and voice list sort orders are saved on a per-contact basis. It will be remembered after you logout and login again.
  6. Moved the Services section above the Data section, and moved On Call Status to top of the Data section.
  7. A number of changes to the web password. It no longer requires letters in the password, for example.
  8. Fixed cases where the save/delete buttons wouldn't show up in the message viewer/player.
  9. Fixed a number of issues when using Internet Explorer, due to IE's poor implementation of JavaScript.
  10. Added the ability to create non-contact web users for other employees, like administrative assistants and other FH staff.
  11. Fixed the link in the service editor that opens the helper editor.
  12. Fixed the missing playback feature in the archived message viewer.

Why Change the Website?

The enhanced myASD 4.0 website provides individual monitoring capabilities to every on-call director at your funeral home. The website can identify not only what funeral home is logging in but also which employee. These tools require each contact person to enter their own personal phone number (such as a cell phone or residence number) when logging on. This enables the site to function more intuitively and with greater security.

By recognizing each individual contact person, myASD 4.0 provides better user tracking and messaging between users. These features allow you to review dispatch times and see which employee was contacted for each message. You can also leave notes on the website for other directors, linking every employee to a single communication center.

The enhanced myASD 4.0 includes a Fast Login tool so funeral directors and on-call staff members with multiple locations can log on to multiple ASD accounts simultaneously.

The former version of our website was close to 10 years old could no longer be updated by ASD effectively. Our company sought to expand on the features that were available through the previous Client Web Portal with added user tools and options. ASD's Award-Winning mobile app, ASD Mobile, first showcased these features and now they have been integrated into myASD 4.0. The new platform can be continually monitored and updated by our in-house technical team.

Login to the New Website

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